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2 Things You Can Do To Spring Clean Your Home

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Spring cleaning can leave your home looking and feeling as good as new. Taking the time to either hire professionals to clean areas of your home or clean them yourself is crucial to getting your home to look how you want it to for summer. This article will discuss 2 things that you can do to spring clean your home. 

Hire Residential Window Cleaners

After a windy, rainy fall and a long, snowy winter, your exterior windows are often covered in dirt, bugs, and hard water. Your interior windows will also likely have dead bugs, dirt, and dust. A great way to get these windows cleaned both quickly and professionally is to hire some residential window cleaning services to come and clean your windows for you. Be sure to tell them that you would like them to clean both your interior and exterior windows, as well as your window sills.

They will go above and beyond to ensure that your windows get clean by using window scrapers to remove any of the deposits left on your windows after they have been initially scrubbed clean. Many window cleaners also have a "no drip" method that they perform by using a squeegee to dry all of your windows completely. If you would like to get your window screens cleaned as well, this can also be done by the window cleaners for an additional fee. 

Wash All Of Your Baseboards, Walls, and Doors

You would be surprised by how dirty your baseboards, walls, and doors can get in a short amount of time. Doors and baseboards gather a lot of dust, and your walls manage to get marks, hand prints, and spills on them as well. 

To clean these areas, you will want to use some type of duster to get rid of the dirt, dust, and cobwebs on these areas. Next, you will want to fill a bucket up with hot, soapy water. At first you can wet a wash cloth and use this to wipe down doors, baseboards, and walls. You will then want to get some melamine foam sponges to scrub these areas. These sponges are great for removing things like crayons, markers, vacuum marks, and other stains. However, be careful not to scrub for too long or too hard in one area or you may remove the paint. Finally, you will want to use a hand towel to dry all of your walls.