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How To Clean The Baseboards

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A clean home is one that allows those who live within to feel at peace and relaxed.  When most people think of a clean home, they imagine no clutter, floors that are vacuumed or mopped, and dishes not in the sink.  Sometimes it is the small details, however, that make a home go from looking ordinary to extraordinary.  Cleaning the baseboards is one such detail that will leave your friends feeling inspired after they visit.

Break it up

It is not hard to clean the baseboards in your house. However, it may feel overwhelming to try and tackle every room in your home at once.  You may also lose motivation to do a thorough job.  The more effort you put into each cleaning of the baseboards, the less often you will have to clean them.  It's also a good idea to wait to clean the baseboards until you have done the other vacuuming and dusting in the room, as they are likely to collect dust and dirt.


If your vacuum has an attachment, you can use it to collect the dust that has accumulated over time.  You can also use a duster to get rid of dust and then just sweep it up with a broom.  

Clean with a sponge

Make a cleaning solution by mixing water with either dish soap or vinegar and use a sponge or cloth to wipe up the baseboards.  This is going to help remove all of the stains.  The room that may take the most time is the kitchen because this is where most of the cooking and eating are done.  Spills happen, which make these baseboards the prime target for messes.


If your baseboards have grooves or a crevice between the bottom and the floor, a cotton swab is the perfect size to clean those areas.  Just dip the swab in the solution and wipe across.  It is best to do this while you are already on your hands and knees cleaning with a sponge so that you don't have to bend over twice.

Dryer sheet

Rubbing each clean baseboard with a fresh dryer sheet will actually help repel dust from the baseboard. This will decrease the frequency with which you need to clean the baseboards.

Cleaning the baseboards in your home or apartment is not a difficult task and really makes a room feel clean and taken care of. For a professional clean to jumpstart your own efforts, contact a company like Kathy's Quality Cleaning, Inc.