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3 Simple Methods For Removing Soap Scum From Your Glass Shower Doors

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One of the hardest parts of cleaning your glass shower doors is removing the soap scum that can accumulate on them. Soap scum can quickly build up on your shower door and give it a dirty frosted look instead of a clean and clear look. Here are three simple methods using products that you have around your home that will help you remove the soap scum from your glass shower doors.

Method #1: Vinegar

Vinegar is a very strong cleaning agent and has quite a strong scent that accompanies it as well.  Due to the strong odor, it is advisable to wear a mask when working with vinegar. You should also open any windows in your bathroom and turn on the vent or fan in your bathroom as well.

Take a container of regular white vinegar, like you keep in your kitchen, and pour it onto a sponge. Then, use the sponge to clean your glass shower door, starting at the top and working your way down the door using overlapping circular motions.

As you clean one section at a time, you'll want to rinse that area off with water and apply more vinegar to your sponge if it gets dried out or too dirty. The vinegar should lift off and remove the soap scum from your shower door.

Method #2: Cornstarch

The second method involves the use of corn starch and a little water. You'll want to take a bowl and pour some cornstarch into it. Then, you'll want to add water and stir it into the cornstarch until a thick paste is created; you don't want the mixture to be too runny.

If the mixture is too runny, add more cornstarch. Add water and cornstarch until you are able to create a thick paste.

Take the paste and apply it to the glass doors. It should stick to your glass shower doors. Use a scrub brush to scrub the paste into the door. The thick nature of the cornstarch should help gently remove the soap scum from the glass.

You'll want to scrub each section for a few minutes to remove the scum. After you are done scrubbing, use a wet rag to wipe away the remaining paste. Then, use a lightly damp rag to polish the section you were cleaning and lift away any soap and corn starch residue that was left behind.

Method #3: Fabric Softener

The third method involves the use of fabric softener sheets. You'll want to take a fabric softener sheet and get it just a little bit damp. Then, you'll want to use the fabric softener on your glass door as if it were a sponge or scrub brush, scrubbing your door from top to bottom.

The soap scum on your door will transfer onto the fabric softener as you scrub with it. Once a sheet starts to look dirty and starts to fray, throw it away and switch to a new fabric softener. You'll want to rinse the door with some water to get rid of any remaining soap residue. 

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