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3 Tips For Finding The Right House Cleaning Service For You

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Life is busy, especially for two-income families. Women who work outside the home often find themselves overwhelmed with more work inside the home. Hiring a home cleaning service can dramatically help keep life in balance. Here are three tips for finding a residential house cleaning service that will meet your needs.

Ask Others For Recommendations

It's natural to be a bit weary about letting strangers in your home. You need to be able to trust that who you hire isn't going to be overly intrusive, nosy, or gossipy. Of course, you also need to trust they will be honest. Asking friends, family members, and coworkers for a referral is a great way to find potential candidates who come pre-vetted.

Once you have a few names, do some online research. Visit the company's website and check out what services they offer. Look at their social media pages and online review sites to see what others have said. While reviews should always be carefully considered, be careful not to put too much stock in the occasional negative review; some people are never satisfied. After your research, narrow it down to two or three companies and ask them for a quote.

Determine Your Needs

Just because one house cleaning service works for your friend doesn't mean they will necessarily be right for you. Only you know what kind of help you need. Some people only want someone to come in occasionally to do the deep-cleaning jobs, such as cleaning the refrigerator or stove or washing the walls and windows. Other families need help with weekly chores, such as vacuuming, cleaning the bathroom, and scrubbing the kitchen floor. Still others prefer to have someone come in daily for an hour or two to tend to the routine tasks.

Be Sure You Understand What Is Covered

In order for the residential cleaning services to provide you with an accurate quote and for you to compare those quotes, you need to clearly understand what services each quote provides. Cleaning services can vary greatly in what is included in their basic packages. For example, one service may include changing the bed linens while another residential cleaning service charges extra. Obviously, you want to choose the service that provides the services you need at a price you are comfortable with.

Another difference between services is the cleaning supplies. Some companies will require you to provide the needed cleaning supplies while other companies will supply them, or they may add a surcharge to the basic fee for their specialty chemicals. Knowing what is covered will help you make the best decision.

For more information, reach out to home cleaning services in your area.