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3 Signs It Is Time To Hire Professional Water Damage Restoration Service

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There are many things that property owners dread, water damage being one of them. This problem can hide in areas such as under your flooring or in the basement, explaining why it can sometimes go unnoticed. Keep in mind that water damage can cause extensive damage should you fail to hire water damage restoration services.

The good news is that there are indicators that can help you take action on time and ward off water damage. Knowing what to look out for will signal you to seek professional assistance before the problem gets out of control. To that end, here are signs you need to consult with a water damage restoration specialist.

1. Musty Smell in Your Home

A musty odor in your house is not only embarrassing but also a risk to your health. Such a smell usually indicates the presence of mold, which can cause severe respiratory issues. Remember that mold flourishes in dump areas, and that is why you are likely to find it in a home with water damage.

Generally, you are likely to come across water damage in an area with mold odor. Some of the places you need to focus on include the basement and attic. Apart from the musty smell, it's essential to check for mold spots, usually in high water usage areas, such as the bathroom and kitchen.

2. Change in the Physical Appearance of Your Floor, Walls, and Ceiling

Water damage can give your ceiling and walls a bubbly appearance. With time, the affected area might swell and soften, something that can affect the structural integrity of your property.

Your floor is also bound to get wet when faced with water damage. As time goes by, mold can start growing in areas such as the corners of your house and spread to other places. This might cause permanent floor damage if left unchecked.

3. Increased Utility Bills

If your water bill suddenly goes up, the chances are high that there's a water leakage problem in your home. Every drop increases your utility bill and moves you a step closer to water damage. Therefore, if your water bill has increased lately, you should inspect your faucets and water pipes for leakages. If they are in good shape, the piping inside your walls might be leaking, increasing the risk of water damage. Once the damaged plumbing systems are fixed, ensure you hire a water damage restoration service for further assistance.

Water damage can be hazardous, and you need to do all it takes to keep it at bay. With the above checklist, you now know what to look out for. If you are experiencing any of the above issues, hiring a water damage restoration professional should be your top priority.