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Burst a Pipe or Endured a Recent Thunderstorm Flood? You Need Professional Help to Clean It Up

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While water is not generally seen as being as threatening as, say, a fire, it can be far more insidious if you don't clean it up properly. While fire damage is instantaneous and then it is done and you can begin the process of fixing singed timber and removing burnt belongings, water damage can be far more long-lasting if you aren't careful. It is not just the immediate aftermath of the water that is dangerous. Here are a few reasons why you should contact water damage restoration companies whether you have experienced flooding from natural causes or a serious plumbing issue. 

1. Holistic Drying Services

The first thing your home or business needs after it has been drenched by water is to get thoroughly dried out. That means using special equipment to extract water from every material, surface, and area of your home that it could possibly be in, from behind your walls, in your carpet, and even under the flooring. If there is water still present in your home, the water damage experts you call will be able to dry it out and make it go away within no time, which not only stops the damage in its tracks, but lets you move on immediately.

2. Mold Removal

Mold is always going to be a threat after intense amounts of water have been present in your home for any period of time. If flooding has caused you to evacuate the area for a few days, then mold could have taken a significant hold on your property already. Water damage restoration is deeply linked to mold identification and removal, as it is one of the most common issues that arise from water. You may not even realize that you have mold, which is sometimes even more dangerous because this allows the mold to fester and spread to other areas of your home.

3. Sewage Clean-Up  

No one likes to talk about the fact that flood and water damage are often very stinky and contaminated. If the flooding has affected sewerage lines, which it often does because of how interconnected all plumbing is, then you will have not just water damage on your hand but a contamination problem too. Luckily, flood damage restoration contractors are prepared for this eventuality and can clean it up and sanitize everything so that you can move back in shortly with no risk of getting ill.