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How Do Companies Clean Air Ducts?

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The air ducts in your home serve a vital role in your heating and air conditioning system. They transfer cooled or heated air, as needed. Air ducts run throughout hidden areas of your home to accomplish this job, but they can get dirty over time. The air in your home might contain debris and allergens, and these things might end up inside your air ducts. If this happens, your HVAC system might spread allergens and debris into your home. If you hire a company to clean these areas, this is the process they will likely use.

Inspect Your System and Ducts

The first thing they will do is inspect your system and air ducts. They will look at how your system works and how it is set up. They will find all the air vents in your home, including the return vents. As they do this, they will create a plan to clean your system. Additionally, they will look for problems within your system that might be causing issues. The technician will not start cleaning your air ducts until they finish this step.

Use a Camera to See Inside

Most air duct cleaning companies use cameras to view the insides of an air duct system, too. By inserting a camera into an air duct, they can see the condition of your air ducts. As a result, they gain an idea of how dirty the system is and what steps they need to complete to clean it.

They Use a Vacuum

Next, the company will use a vacuum to begin the duct cleaning process. They use a special vacuum for this purpose, and they begin at your furnace. When they turn it on, the vacuum creates negative pressure that pulls all the debris from your vents. Before doing this, they will close all the vents in your home, as they need to ensure that they are only cleaning the air ducts and not every part of your house. They repeat this process to clean every vent in the house.

Additionally, they might use brushes and rags to clean the inside parts of the air ducts if there is debris trapped inside.

When they finish the job, your air ducts will be clean and free from debris and allergens. As a result, the air in your home will be cleaner and safer for you to breathe. If you would like a quote for services, contact an air duct cleaning company today.