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Leading Testing And Remediation For Your Home

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Unfortunately, lead exposure is a risk that individuals will have to contend with as this material was commonly used in a variety of ways in building projects. Being misinformed about the risks that lead poses and the steps for addressing this problem can compromise a person's ability to protect themselves from this type of exposure.

Myth: Lead Exposure Is Only Problematic For Young Children

Lead exposure can be extremely damaging to children due to the effects that it will have on the development of their brains. Unfortunately, individuals may assume that this means that lead will pose minimal risks to adults. However, it can also create severe health and mental issues for adults that are exposed to lead. As a result, it is important to find and address any lead issues in your home even if you may not have young children in the house.

Myth: Lead Is No Longer A Problem For Residential And Commercial Properties

Due to the fact that lead is no longer commonly used in building projects, individuals may assume that this is not a problem that they will have to worry about for their homes. Yet, there are many structures that may still have lead components in them. In particular, older homes may be prone to having lead paint on the walls, or they may extensively use lead throughout the plumbing system. Due to this potential risk, anyone that lives in an older building should invest in having comprehensive lead testing done. This can alert the owner to any potential sources of lead in the home that need to be mitigated.

Myth: Lead Abatement Is An Easy Project For A Homeowner To Undertake

If it is determined that your home has lead in it that needs to be abated, you should never attempt this on your own. Some individuals may assume that it will be fairly safe for them to remove paint from the walls. However, this could lead to them inhaling a large quantity of lead dust, which could lead to serious health problems. As a result of the unique risks that can come with this type of work, professional services can be required. These professionals can complete comprehensive testing so that all of the lead in the home can be identified and removed. During the course of this process, you may want to stay out of the home until the work has been completed so that you can avoid incidental exposure to the lead.

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