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Siding Dirty On Your House? Use A Pressure Washer To Clean It

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Over time, siding can become very dirty on a house due to weather, dirt building up, etc. Once it becomes very dirty, it will look old and worn down. One way to get it clean is to use a power washer. This is much better than trying to clean the siding by hand and much faster. Keep reading to learn how this works so you can do this yourself or hire a professional house pressure washing service such as Top Gun Mobile Washing, LLC to do it for you.

Choose the Pressure Washer

If you do not have a pressure washer at home, you may be able to rent one from a home improvement store. If you purchase one, you can use it to clean many other things, such as a driveway, pathways, and more. 

If you decide to purchase a pressure washer, you will find there are both electric and gas models. Gas power washers are more powerful when compared to electric. You also do not have to plug in a gas power washer, so this is something else to consider. If you rent a power washer, the employee will suggest the best one for the type of job you are doing. Another thing to consider is the PSI, which is the amount of pressure the pressure washer has. PSI stands for pounds per square inch. What you choose depends on what you are cleaning. 

Seal and Cover

Before you get started, you need to seal all windows and doors to prevent water from getting through and into your home. Cover flower gardens, plants, and shrubbery with plastic sheeting, or use a drop cloth. 

Get Power Washer Ready

Choose the cleaning solution and put it into the power washer. Make sure you follow the instructions for the cleaning solution so that you mix it well. Many of them need to be mixed with water before you use the cleaner. Attach the appropriate wand to the power washer. The type of wand used depends on what you are cleaning. Refer to the owner's manual that came with your pressure washer. 

Clean Siding

If you have a lot of dirt on the siding, it may help to spray it down with a garden hose and scrub it by hand first to remove some of the loose dirt. Wear goggles to protect your eyes while pressure washing. Do one section at a time starting at the top and working your way down. Determine the distance you need to stand to provide you with the right amount of pressure. You will know this by how well the pressure washer is cleaning. Move the wand back and forth as you clean. When you are finished, thoroughly spray the siding with a garden hose to remove all soap residue. 

A professional home power washing service may be best if you have a two-story home or if you have a large home.