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Removing Pet Stains And Odors From Upholstered Furniture

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Pet owners know accidents can happen, even with the most well-trained pets. Removing the stains and odors can be challenging when these mishaps occur on upholstered furniture. Yet, this is a routine task that t every pet owner will want to be informed and prepared to manage.

Be Mindful When Cleaning Up The Pet Stains

The first step in removing a pet stain is to blot up as much liquid as possible. Use a clean, absorbent cloth or paper towel to gently press against the stained area, working from the outside edges toward the center. This process will help prevent the spreading or deepening of the stain in your upholstery.

After blotting up any excess liquid, vacuum your upholstered furniture thoroughly with an upholstery attachment to remove any dried particles or debris left behind by your pet. This step helps ensure you work with a clean surface before applying any cleaning solutions.

Be Careful When Using A Cleaning Solution For The Pet Stains

Many commercially available pet stain removers are designed for upholstery fabrics. Enzymes in these items digest protein in urine and other fluids, killing the microorganisms responsible for odor.

If you prefer using natural cleaning products, try mixing equal parts water and white vinegar in a spray bottle as an effective homemade cleaner for removing pet stains from your furniture's fabric surface without causing damage.

Try Gentle Cleaners Before Using More Aggressive Options

Club soda can be an effective cleaning solution for removing pet stains from upholstery. The carbonation in club soda helps lift the stain away from fabric fibers, making it easier to remove. Apply the club soda to a clean cloth and gently dab at the stained area until it is gone.

Cover the stained area with a lot of baking soda, and then let it rest for several hours or overnight after treating your upholstery with a cleaning solution. Baking soda works as an odor-neutralizing agent that absorbs unpleasant smells from your furniture's fabric fibers.

Use Upholstery Guards To Prevent Future Stains

Applying an upholstery guard is one solution for reducing the risk of pet stains forming in your upholster. These solutions are applied to the upholstery fabric, creating a tough barrier for most stains to seep through. As a result, these coatings can buy you valuable time to clean up any spills or stains before they can soak into the upholstery fibers. Once this happens, removing the stain can be more complex and may even require professional service.

For more information on pet stain removal, contact a company near you.