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Maintaining Your Pressure Washer: Repairs To Watch For

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When you use a pressure washer (like those available from companies like Environmental Cleaning Systems) every day in your cleaning business, you want to make sure your equipment always works well. You use your pressure washer to swipe debris and stains off walls, to break up residue along fences, and to help remove cleaning chemicals, so you can't have your equipment clogging or functioning poorly. Part of maintaining your pressure washer is knowing when repairs are needed. Learn more about 3 common repairs that you should watch out for in your own unit.

Broken or ill-fitting nozzle

You should only use the size and type of nozzles recommended for your pressure washer. If you don't, an ill-fitting nozzle can cause your water pressure to build slowly, or even to perform at lower levels than usual. Check your pressure washer parts to make sure the nozzle and wand are in good condition and the right size and style for your model (see your owner's manual for suggestions).

A broken nozzle is one that is cracked, chipped, or loose. Replace your nozzles as soon as they show signs of wear to prevent any damage or poor performance in your pressure washer.

Running loudly

If your pressure washer is suddenly sounding louder than usual, the first thing you should do is check your water source. Running hot water in your pressure washer can cause it to make strange noises or operate more aggressively than normal. If the water you are using is cold or lukewarm, then you may have a problem with your engine. The RPMs may not be working as they should, which can cause that loud, almost tinny sound. Taking off the choke while the engine is in the running position often alleviates this issue.

Loose fittings

O-rings, seals, and gaskets need to be properly lubricated in order to properly seal your pressure washer. Failure to do so can cause them to crack, break apart, or simply become loose. You will notice your pressure washer in need of repair due to these issues if it starts leaking out of the wand or other areas. Simply replacing and lubricating these fittings can help your pressure washer work more efficiently. Many pressure washer parts need to be specifically ordered from the manufacturer, so keep a backup or rented model on standby until you can get yours properly repaired.

Your pressure washer can work better, longer if you make sure to replace certain parts as needed. When you know how to maintain your unit by looking for common repairs, you can protect your pressure washer from future damage.