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Restoring Your Home After Water Damage: What You Can Do

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When your home experiences water damage, you need to eradicate the moisture problem quickly. Mold can quickly form in walls, under carpeting, and under sinks, and drywall and wood flooring can become warped and swollen. If you have water damage in your home, there are many things you can do to restore your home quickly.

Hire a restoration cleaning service

A restoration cleaning service is well-skilled in tackling fire and water damage in many properties, and they know how to repair any existing damage to your home. They remove your carpeting and batting for you to assess any floor destruction underneath, inspect your home for signs of mold, and use special tools to ventilate your home and get rid of the moisture. You may have to leave your premises for a few hours to a few days, especially if your entire home has been flooded or there is still standing water in any of your rooms.

The cleaning company will test any mold spores they find so they know which chemicals to use to kill them. They will also use special HVAC fans and filters to remove moisture and debris from the air to make your home livable again. If you have damage to your flooring or drywall, they remove the affected pieces for you and either contract repairs with a construction company or perform the necessary repairs themselves.

For smaller water problem areas

If the water damage in your home is minimal, such as a flooding dishwasher or a leaking sink, then you can perform repairs yourself. The first thing you need to do is remove as much of the water as possible. Use a wet dry vacuum, or a vacuum designed to pick up water as well as dry filth, to clean up any excess water. You can rent one from your local hardware store or purchase one. Open all your windows and turn your heat on to remove moisture from the air and get air circulating. This helps prevent mold spores from forming. Remove all rugs and affected carpeting, and place towels along the corners of walls and flooring where water is most likely to pool up. Continue vacuuming and airing out your home as needed until all the moisture has been removed.

When your home is damaged by water, you have to act quickly. A professional cleaning service like Ringstad Carpet Cleaning & Restoration can help you with major renovations and cleanup, while smaller water accidents can be tackled on your own. Your goal is to get rid of as much moisture as possible so you can preserve your home most effectively. These tips can help you do just that, and restore your home quickly.