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5 Keys To Preventing Carpet Wear

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Carpet repair can be a costly and inconvenient process, even when done by the best of professionals. While sometimes it is a necessity, you can help to prevent the need for carpet repair by taking consistent care of your carpet as you use it. Extending the life of your carpet will require a little extra work, but will save you a lot of effort in the long run.   

Clean spill as they happen. Almost all types of spills become harder to clean the longer you leave them on the carpet. Having a carpet cleaning kit prepared, with a dull knife for removing excess spill, a gentle solvent, and paper towels can make it much easier to address spills as they happen. Store it near high traffic areas and you will be ready to go when spills happen.

Avoid unnecessarily harsh chemicals. When cleaning your own carpet, it is important not to use chemicals that are harsher than necessary. When a spill of regular soiling occur, it can seem easiest just to use the strongest chemical available to get the carpet clean quickly. However, harsh chemicals can break down your carpet, especially if left in for long periods. Worn out carpet can actually attract more dirt and grime and speed up the process of wearing out your carpet.

Invest in a quality vacuum. While many vacuums seem similar, investing in a vacuum that is powerful yet gentle on carpets can significantly extend the life you you carpet. What you'll look for is a vacuum with a powerful motor, but without a closed suction system. This allows for deep dirt to be removed before it damages carpet, but without putting undue strain on the carpet itself.

Consider professional cleanings. Professional carpet cleaners will do the best job of getting your carpet clean without leaving harsh chemicals or putting undue strain on the carpet itself. Look for a carpet cleaner that will adjust their cleaning methods to your particular carpet type by asking them specifically about your carpet and their 

Plan for flooding. Flooding is one of the most devastating causes of carpet damage. There is almost nothing to do when the flooding starts to prevent carpet damage, so most of the work must be done before the flooding happens. Consult with a licensed contractor to assist you in evaluating your home for potential weak points for flooding, especially if you live in a region at risk for flooding.