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How To Deal With Fire And Water Damage

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You love your children, which is fortunate because you will have to call on that emotion when they wreak havoc on your living space. Although the minor damage that they do adds up, it's the serious fire and water accidents that can cost you lots of time, money, and worry. No matter how bad the damage looks, do not despair. You and your home will survive with a little help from professional cleaning crews.

Smoke Damage

You will be amazed by the fire damage caused by your teenager leaving cardboard on the range top. He isn't alone in setting the kitchen ablaze. From 2007-2011, 156,000 fires occurred that involved cooking equipment. If the fire is a small one, you may be able to clean up the mess yourself. First thoroughly air out the entire house. Then try the following cleaning mixture:

  • Six tablespoons of tri-sodium phosphate

  • 1 cup of chlorine bleach

  • 1 gallon of warm water

This solution is caustic, so wear rubber gloves while you apply it with a sponge to your walls and floors. You can even use it on your furniture. Rinse the surfaces well with clear water and then dry them with a soft towel. If the mess is too great to clean yourself or the home has structural damage, contact the specialists in fire damage restoration. 

Water Damage

Little children are notorious for leaving the water on in the sinks and tub. Usually, you catch the problem before major damage is done. However, if the water is left running for a long period, you can have some serious problems result. The most common home insurance claim is for water damage. An overflowing tub can cause floor damage, ceiling damage, mold and mildew growth, and weak subfloors. You will need water damage restoration services when you have this type of interior flooding. Professionals will know how to dry out your home and remove dangerous mold. They will also know if your home is structurally sound after the incident and can advise you on what repairs are necessary to meet basic safety standards. Companies like A Steam Pro Carpet Cleaning specialize in minimizing long-term damage through quick response.

Your children are your greatest love and your biggest worry. Fire and water emergencies are more common than you probably realize, and having several children in the house certainly doesn't reduce your disaster odds. You may be able to fix smaller problems yourself, but for major damage, call the fire and water damage restoration professionals.