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3 Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Looking Nice

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Keeping your carpet in good condition can be challenging. In fact, the flooring of your home is probably one of the dirtiest and worn out things in your entire house. Fortunately, you can do a couple things to ensure that your carpet stays as nice and clean as possible. Here are a couple tips.

1. Have A Sock Rule

Everyone has heard of the "no shoes in the house" rule. This is a great rule and should be followed whenever possible. But what many people do not understand is that bare feet can be just as dangerous and destructive to your carpet. Your bare feet have oil on them. Oil is very hard to remove from carpet fibers, so when people are walking around your home bare foot it will cause the carpet to become damaged beyond repair.

This is why many museums and historical sites will ask you to remove your shoes and wear a foot cover, like a fabric bootie while you walk through the site. This will protect the carpet and flooring.

2. Shampooing New Carpet Too Early

Another problem that you might encounter is shampooing the carpets too soon. Once you get new carpet, you should wait a good deal of time before you actually shampoo it. The reason for this is that new carpet has a seal put on it that protects the carpet. This sealant will protect the dirt from sinking into the core and will keep the carpet looking nice and shiny.

If you shampoo the carpets right after installing them, you could remove that sealer. You should wait until the carpet looks dirty--this is a sign that the sealer has been worn down--and then get the carpets professionally cleaned. Then once it has been cleaned once you should do it regularly.

3. After Shampooing Always Seal

Just as it has been mentioned that the sealant will protect new carpet, you can actually get a sealant put on from your carpet cleaning company. They have sealants that are very similar to that used on new carpet. This sealant will keep the dirt on the surface so that you don't have permanent damage to the carpet. You should be aware that it may make the carpet look dirtier, but with a good vacuuming, it should be good as new. This sealant will be the best to preserve the carpet in the long run.

By doing these 3 things, you can protect your carpet and keep it looking nice.  

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