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Five Tips For Keeping Your Carpet Clean With Children In The House

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Adults generally understand what they need to do to avoid making a mess on the carpet, and when an accident does occur, they can take care of the situation right away. However, children are less predictable and can easily damage and reduce the lifespan of carpeting in your home without proper preparation. It is ideal to take advantage of several tips on keeping your carpet clean with children.

Use Green Cleaning Services

While routine vacuuming and immediate cleanup of spills should not be a problem, you may be avoiding professional carpet cleaning due to the risk of harmful chemical exposure to your children. Although this may be true for specific cleaning solutions, you can also make use of green cleaning services. Since children are normally close to the ground and more susceptible to harm, it becomes an easy choice to make.

No Wearing Shoes Inside

It is not just beneficial for adults to take their shoes off when they go inside. Children are more likely to get their shoes dirty while outside, which could attract in more dirt than most adults, despite the shoe size difference. Getting into the habit of taking their shoes off when you walk in the door with them will often transition into a natural habit of theirs to remove their shoes once they become old enough.

Eat in the Kitchen

Although you might want to let your children run freely around the house, you should know the importance of bringing your children together when it is time to eat a meal. When eating on or around the carpet surface, you will drastically increase the chances of a carpet spill occurring.

Provide Sealable Cups

Since children are not the most coordinated at their age, you should provide them with a fool-proof method of keeping their drinks cold but your carpets clean simultaneously. Sealable cups are an ideal solution because you do not have to worry about spills throughout the entire time a child has a cup.

Get Rugs for Protection

When you know that an area is going to be heavily trafficked by your children, you should definitely provide them with a comfortable place to function. It is highly beneficial to invest in rugs where you intend on putting high chairs, cribs, play sets, toys, or anything else that will be used by your children.

Knowing how to take care of your carpet with children will prevent you from having to prematurely replace the carpet in your home. Proper carpet maintenance will also keep your children safe and happy. Contact a service like Kleen As A Whistle to learn more about professional cleaning and how often it should be done.