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Why Carpet Should Be Cleaned By A Professional

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Are you in the habit of scrubbing stains out of your carpet by hand? You may want to think about getting the carpet professionally cleaned sometimes, as it can lead to more durability. Find out in this article about the importance of getting your carpet cleaned by a professional as well as what it is estimated to cost.

Why Should a Homeowner Spend Money on Professional Carpet Cleaning?

Although cleaning the surface of carpet by hand can make it appear cleaner, a professional cleaning is vital because dirt can get trapped inside of the fibers. Surface carpet cleaning is not good enough to get rid of the odors that trapped dirt or fluids can leave behind. The worst thing about leaving dirt in carpet fibers is that it can cause deterioration. For instance, dirt can cause fluffy carpet to look flat and unappealing. Dirty carpet can also cause allergies to flare-up from the allergens trapped in fibers.

Getting your carpet cleaned by a professional is also the best way to prevent mold from growing in the fibers. You must understand that carpet fibers create the warmth that mold spores need to survive. When drinks are spilled or there is a lot of humidity in a house, it is not hard for mold to start growing in the carpet without your knowledge. Professionals will usually clean carpet with a solution that is able to kill mold spores if they are present. Bleach is sometime used by professionals in small amounts to prevent carpet discoloration.

Keep in mind that surface cleaning your carpet is also not ideal because it can't get rid of food crumbs that are deep within the fibers. An occasional cleaning by a professional will not only prevent food crumbs from accumulating, but also fight off a pest infestation. Cockroaches can infest your house and multiply fast when they have a supply of food in the carpet.

What is the Estimated Price for Professional Carpet Cleaning?

What you are charged for a professional to clean your carpet depends on the square footage being cleaned, as well as the method used. Expect chemically cleaned carpet to cost a minimum of a little over $100 or more. Professional steam cleaning is priced in the range of $100 to over $500. Don't delay getting in touch with a contractor so he or she can thoroughly clean your carpet to keep it looking good!