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3 Things Your Carpet Cleaner Wish You Knew

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When you want to make your carpet look and smell its absolute best, you might call a professional carpet cleaner (like Power-Kleen) to come out and clean it for you. Even though you might have a good relationship with the person who cleans your carpet, there are probably a few things that he or she wishes that you knew about keeping your carpeted surfaces clean. These are some of those things.

1. Carpet Powders and Sprays are Bad News

When you are cleaning up your home, you might like sprinkling carpet powder down and vacuuming it up to freshen up your carpet. Alternatively, you might like using freshening carpet sprays to give your home a nice, fresh smell. Even though these ideas might seem harmless, however, your carpet cleaner might disagree. Carpet powder can get stuck down in the fibers of your carpet and can be difficult to get out, even if you vacuum thoroughly. Carpet spray can leave residue on your carpet, which can make it more prone to getting dirty. Either way, you are better off to stick to just vacuuming your carpet as well as you can.

2. Your Vacuum Doesn't Work as Well as You Think it Does

You probably take pride in using your vacuum cleaner to get as much dirt out of your carpet as possible. You might have even invested in a higher-end model, and you might find joy in emptying out the canister or bag and seeing all of the things that you have gotten out of your carpet. However, vacuuming alone just doesn't do the same job that professional carpet cleaning does. There's even a good chance that your vacuum isn't doing as good of a job as you think it does, so it's important to clean it out regularly and keep it in good condition so that it will get as much dirt as possible out of your carpet.

3. You Should Probably Be Having Your Carpet Cleaned More Often

If you are like many homeowners, you might wait until your carpet looks stained or until you are hosting a party at your home before you have your carpet cleaned. However, stains should be removed as quickly as possible if you want the job to be done properly. The frequency with which you should have your carpet cleaned is going to depend on how much traffic your carpet sees each day—as well as whether you have kids or pets or other reasons why your carpet might get dirtier than most—so you should talk to your carpet cleaner to determine a good schedule for your carpet's needs.