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Should You Hire A Janitorial Service Or Rely On Employees?

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Even the smallest storefront business has some basic cleaning needs, and if you're occupying an older building, you may find that you (or your staff) spend more time cleaning up at work than you do at home. You may be considering paying a staff member a bit extra each week in order to handle emptying trashcans, vacuuming, and tidying up after hours. But hiring an outside janitorial service is often the better choice. Read on to learn more about some of the advantages and disadvantages of using an employee over a janitorial service. 

Advantages of Employee Cleaning

Having an employee clean for you can often be the simplest option. Instead of interviewing and hiring someone from the "outside" or using a licensed and bonded cleaning service, you'll have someone who is familiar to you (and familiar with your office) at your beck and call. You may also be able to secure these cleaning services for a competitive rate by adding a weekly amount or bonus to your employee's current salary, without worrying about benefits or other costs.

However, these advantages may come at a price. Having one employee cleaning up after other employees, even after hours and for extra pay, can create a power imbalance that may make workplace interactions awkward. If your employee leaves for a new job, you'll need to find someone else to take his or her place both in the office and after hours. And, while you may trust your employees fully, allowing one to have access to your business after hours may be too much temptation for some and can put your business at risk.

Advantages of a Janitorial Service 

By having your cleaning services performed by a licensed and bonded janitorial cleaning service, you'll be able to rest assured that your business will be cleaned to your satisfaction for an up-front price. These cleaning services often offer a number of packages or levels, allowing you to customize the available services to your needs. Some businesses may need deep cleaning only periodically, while others (like restaurants) may require far more extensive services on a regular basis. 

Having a janitorial service on call can also eliminate the risk of loss or theft. Because these businesses are bonded, they're already insured against any potential losses, including breakage or damage to anything inside your business. This lets you provide access to these cleaning services without worrying.

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