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Keep Your Carpet Clean By Getting Professional Service At The Right Times

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Maintaining your home's cleanliness is an ongoing responsibility. To keep your carpet clean, you may vacuum once or twice a week and clean up spills immediately after they happen. Being strategic about vacuuming is smart because you do not want to go through the effort of vacuuming the entire home only hours before you know the carpet will get dirty again.

When you want to hire a carpet cleaning service and enjoy long-lasting results, you should know when to schedule this service to minimize the chance of dirt buildup shortly after.

Family Activities

The activities that your family is participating in is a worthwhile indicator to determine when you should get carpet cleaning. If the weather is perfect for your kids to enjoy playing outside, you may want to wait until they stop going outside so often to get carpet cleaning service. This will help you avoid a situation in which dirt gets trailed in all over the carpet a few days after cleaning.

Knowing what your family is doing and figuring out when these activities start and end will make it easy to work around certain activities to get carpet cleaning at optimal times.

Rainy Seasons

If you live in an area with a rainy season, you may want to hold off on carpet cleaning until this period passes because you may find it difficult to avoid dirt buildup in your home. Your kids may come home with their shoes, pants, and socks saturated and caked in mud. Even if they take off their shoes before walking through the front door, it may not be enough to avoid dirt buildup.

When you are determined to get carpet cleaning during this time, you may want to make some adjustments to the entryway to prevent the rain from leading to dirty carpeting. You can put a large plastic mat over the carpet at the front entry until the rainy season comes to an end.


Another time in which you should wait to get remodeling is when you are planning or working on a remodel. Whether you intend on having professionals come inside the home, you will likely be doing demolition work and bringing in building supplies while wearing protective boots. Keeping your boots on is important to avoid a foot injury, so your carpeting could get rather dirty.

Investing in carpet cleaning at the right times will lead to results that last for many months.