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Common House-Cleaning Myths Debunked

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From washing dishes and cleaning out the fridge to dusting furniture and steam-cleaning the carpet, cleaning your home can become overwhelming. Unfortunately, many people forego basic cleaning and maintenance on their home because they feel it is too challenging and time-consuming. By learning the truth behind these common cleaning myths, you will realize maintaining a clean home is not as challenging as you think.

Soap Scum Is Permanent

If you have a white or grey film on your shower walls, shower glass, tub, tile, and bathroom fixtures, it is most likely soap scum. This buildup consists of calcium and magnesium from soap and hard water, accumulating on your shower, tub, and sink surfaces.

Many people believe that once soap scum forms on these surfaces, it becomes a permanent layer of buildup that cannot be removed. Fortunately, this is not true.

If soap scum is building up in your shower and tub, combine 1 cup of baking soda and ¼ cup of distilled white vinegar in a bowl. Mix to create a paste that can be applied directly to surfaces in your bathroom. Wipe down the surfaces with a clean cloth before rinsing away any of the paste that may be remaining.

The combination of the baking soda and vinegar will eat through tough soap scum without the use of toxic chemicals.

It is important to note that prevention is your best weapon against soap scum. Use a squeegee tool to remove soapy water from shower walls, doors, and tub surrounds regularly. This will prevent the soap scum from building up.

Too Much Vacuuming Is Bad for the Carpet

Another myth many people believe is that vacuuming too much can damage your carpet and rugs. In this past, this myth may have been true, since the antiquated design of older vacuums were harsh on carpet fibers.

Today, vacuums are designed for the safe removal of dirt and debris, without any worry of damaging or fraying carpet fibers, rugs, and even upholstery.

Without vacuuming enough, dirt and debris left in your carpet can cause enormous damage. The abrasive nature of dirt and dust can wear down carpet fibers and the underlying carpet padding. Experts recommend vacuuming at least once per week. In high traffic areas, vacuum daily. For areas where you experience medium traffic, vacuum twice a week.

Cleaning your house does not have to be overwhelming. This guide will help you understand the truth behind a few general house cleaning myths, helping you improve the cleanliness of your home in an efficient and effective manner.