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Understanding The Differences Between Different House Cleaning Services

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House cleaning: the one thing people hate most and know in their guts that they have to do. It is such a struggle! If you would rather sit in a corner and cry about the mess the kids leave for you every day, there are cleaning services that can help. However, you should know that some cleaning companies do not provide certain services. You may have to hire more than one company to help you, but it may be such a relief to not do it all yourself that you might consider hiring more than one company totally worth it. Here are the differences among different cleaning companies, so that you understand what these companies will and will not do prior to hiring them to help you. 

Surface Cleaners

These companies only clean all visible surfaces. This means that they will clean counters, sinks, tubs/showers, toilets, walls, cabinet faces, light switches, posts and lintels of interior doorways, doors, windows, and carpet not covered in clothes, toys, etc. If you are dealing with stuff all over the place and stuff covering surfaces you want to clean, the surface cleaning companies do not manage that. You will need home organizers for that problem. 

Home Organizers

When you are utterly overwhelmed by stuff, and you have tried to put the stuff away but it somehow keeps coming out and ending up all over the floors and on kitchen and bathroom surfaces, you need a home organizer. These professionals come in, assess your home's ability to store things, and then help you organize it all and keep it locked up so that it stays put away until you take it out again. It is a good idea to hire a home organizer first, because he/she can get all the extra stuff up and off of surfaces where the surface cleaners will clean. Then, you hire the surface cleaners to come in and clean everything after the home organizer gives everything its own spot (that is not on a floor or counter). 

Deep Cleaners

Deep cleaners are often private contractors, although you might find them working for a surface cleaning agency. These particular cleaning crews get the mess and dirt out from underneath furniture, in vents, under appliances, inside appliances (including your oven and your washer or dryer), and several other overlooked areas where surface cleaners do not go. It is a good idea to hire deep cleaners twice a year so that all the nitty gritty stuff is taken care of and thoroughly cleaned. 

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