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Salvage Your Favorite Dress And Wear It During A Social Gathering

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A petroleum solvent is applied to fabric during the dry cleaning process. This solvent freshens material and eliminates staining. Once a garment is cleaned, it is pressed and hung on a hanger that is concealed in plastic wrap. If you have an important social function coming up and want to look your best, you will not need to shop for a new outfit. If you own a dress that used to be your favorite but you haven't worn it in a while because of staining along its hemline, drop off the garment at a dry cleaner and request that it is delivered to you once it has been laundered.

Acquire Information About The Cleaner's Policies

A dry cleaner may offer standard and rush services. Rush services may include completing the cleaning and pressing process within a short time frame, which could be beneficial if you are going to need to wear a garment right away. With rush services, you can expect to pay more than you would for standard services. If you have several days to get your outfit ready, stop by the dry cleaners to acquire a listing of prices and to learn how their drop-off, pick-up, and delivery services work.

During your visit, a clerk will tell you how clothing is tagged and stored prior to and after the cleaning process. If you brought the dress along with you, show the garment to the clerk. The severity of the stain will be assessed and you will receive a quote for the cleaning process and delivery service. Verbalize any custom preferences, such as how you would like the garment to be pressed or hung up.

Restore Other Items In Your Closet Or Maintain New Clothing

After the dress is cleaned and delivered, try it on to ensure that it looks the way that you have envisioned. If using the services at a dry cleaner's meets your expectations, think about having some of your other clothing cleaned and pressed in the same manner. The amount of time that you will save on laundering and drying clothing at home and the prospect of being able to restore items back to their original condition can be very enticing.

Clothing that you already own will potentially last longer than if you were to rely upon standard washing and drying methods. You may also decide to purchase new outfits that are made out of delicate fabrics, since you won't need to worry about attempting to clean or press them with household laundry equipment.

For more information, contact a dry cleaning company in your area that offers dry cleaning delivery.