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Insight For A Clean And Healthy Office Building

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Your office space is an important part of your business' success because it provides an area for you and your employees to get work done and for clients to visit. For this reason, it is important to keep your office clean, tidy, and free of viruses and bacteria, in addition to keeping in a professional-looking space. Here are some recommendations for services that you can hire and provide within your office building to help you keep your workplace clean.

Provide Office Space Cleaning

Each cubicle and workstation within your office building will require cleaning regularly. Employees may bring in their germs by sneezing or coughing on the space, which can build up over time and can spread to others inside the building. Regular cleaning of each workstation should consist of cleaning the keyboard, mouse, telephone, desk drawers, chair, and any other commonly-touched surface. And dust will settle naturally over the workstation and will need to be cleaned off the area.

An office cleaning service should include individual workstations and cubicle cleanings to remove dust and germs. This cleaning service along with emptying each cubicle trash can and vacuuming under the desk will keep the area looking clean and neat. Also, it is especially important during the times of COVID-19 to provide anti-bacterial cleaning wipes that each employee has access to daily to use as they need them.

Break Room Maintenance

When your employees will use the break room daily, it will get quite dirty regularly. A break room's use begins at the beginning of the workday with employees making coffee or warming up their on-the-go breakfast. 

Then, at midday, the break room will get used again even more heavily when your employees pick up their lunch from the fridge and use the microwave to heat their food. The tables in the break room might become dirty from food and need to be cleaned along with any residue left in the sink from rinsing dishes. For this reason, quick daily cleaning of the break room is a good idea to keep the microwave wiped out and the sink cleaned. The fridge needs a weekly clean-out to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Restroom Cleaning

After the office cubicle workstations, the restroom in your building is an area that will require extra cleaning to stay on top of its condition. A cleaning service should sweep daily and mop at least weekly. They should also remove the trash easily and clean the toilets and sinks. Because of the potential for germs and bacteria spreading in the restroom, this area must be kept clean for your employees and for clients that may visit the office.

If you want more information on commercial building cleaning, feel free to contact cleaning companies to learn more.