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What Can Commercial Janitorial Services Offer Your Company?

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People naturally make judgments about spaces using visual cues. A building that's cluttered and dirty may seem unsanitary or unsafe to customers. A lack of cleanliness can leave a bad impression. On the other hand, clean facilities will keep your customers safe and happy. Hire a commercial cleaning company to take care of your retail or office space. Here are four things a commercial janitorial service can offer your company.

1. Sanitize high-touch surfaces.

High-touch surfaces are all around. Anywhere that people frequently put their hands is considered a high-touch surface. Doorknobs, countertops, and cash registers all qualify. High-touch surfaces are a breeding ground for bacteria, which is especially worrisome during the coronavirus pandemic. Janitors will wipe down these surfaces, removing visible dirt and oils. They will also sanitize high-touch surfaces using products that safely and effectively kill viruses and bacteria.

2. Remove trash.

Every business accumulates trash over the course of the day. Office buildings generate a lot of paper waste, and restaurants throw away various food scraps and packaging. Bathroom trash cans are often full of biohazardous waste that must be disposed of in a safe manner. A commercial cleaning service will remove the trash from your building at the end of each day. When the trash is taken out on a regular basis, you can prevent infestations of cockroaches, mice, and other pets. Allow a janitorial service to manage your building's waste so you can put it out of mind.

3. Clean floors.

Floors can become dirty incredibly quickly, especially if your business gets a high volume of foot traffic. Each person can track dirt and bacteria into your store. This problem is exacerbated during times of inclement weather when rain and snow can easily create stains on your floor. A commercial cleaning service can clean any type of floor. They can vacuum and shampoo carpets to keep them pristine and odor-free. Hardwood or tile floors will be swept and mopped to prevent scuffs and stains from accumulating.

4. Clean and sanitize bathrooms.

Restrooms are necessary facilities. However, thanks to their nature, bathrooms can collect germs. Commercial janitorial services will keep your bathroom clean, tidy, and, above all, sanitary. Allow a professional janitor to clean your toilets, sinks, and floors. They will replenish paper towels and toilet paper as needed, in addition to sanitizing all surfaces. Bathrooms that are regularly cleaned are more pleasant for employees and customers alike.