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Hoarding Services And What To Expect When You Need It

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Hoarding is considered to be a mental disorder that can cause people to save or keep large numbers of items. Hoarding becomes an issue when hygiene and health or wellbeing are forgotten or taken over by the hoarding compulsion. In these cases, people may find themselves or their loved ones in living situations that are unsafe and unsanitary. In these cases, you may find yourself calling a hoarding cleanup service. Here are some of the things to expect when you do need and call for these services. 

Removal of Items

The first step following an inspection of the area is the removal of the items. In many cases, people try to have all of the major items removed. Others want the entire home or property cleaned and all new items put in place. Either option starts with a removal. The removal may require safety clothing and equipment depending on the level of hoarding and what type of health issues are found during the inspection. For example, if feces from pets or humans is present, then certain biohazard steps may be taken during the removal process.

Cleaning the Property

The cleaning portion comes in two steps. Generally, the main step is to simply clean away dirt, feces, debris, dust, and other health concerns. The cleaning step removes mold, mildew, soap scum, and dirt. This step can use many types of household cleaning products, steam cleaners, carpet cleaning services, vacuum services, and surface cleaning services. Many hoarding cleanup companies work alongside maid and carpet cleaning services to help complete this step as soon as possible.

Sanitization and Pest Control

Some hoarding cleanup services offer a sanitizing and pest control step. The sanitization is usually done for kitchen and bathroom services. If walls have been damaged with debris or feces, then they may be sanitized as well. Carpets and rugs can be sanitized and cleaned during the deep cleaning steps of the process. If pests are an issue, then you can have pest control done at this time, ranging from sprays to placing of pest traps. 

When you are ready to begin hoarding cleanup for your property or the property of a loved one, contact your local cleanup service provider. They are able to meet you on-site to inspect the area. Once the inspection is done, you can discuss the options. They are able to answer fee questions and discuss the cleanup plan.