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Why Chimney Cleaning Is Necessary for Safety and Comfort

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Home maintenance is not always an exciting topic, but if you want to protect your family and your investment, it is a topic that requires attention. If you have a fireplace in your home, one maintenance topic you should focus on is your chimney: more specifically, chimney cleaning. Make sure you are staying safe by enlisting a professional to perform this service for you.

Fire Hazards

A fire is synonymous with a fireplace, but only when the flames are safely contained. Every time you use the fireplace, there is a buildup that accumulates within the chimney, including creosote. This buildup poses a serious hazard because it is highly flammable. 

As such, each time you turn the fireplace on, there is a risk that an ember meets this buildup, which could lead to a fire. A dangerous thing about a chimney fire is that it may not stay contained in the area; it can easily spread to other areas of your home. Professional chimney cleaning involves removing the buildup, therefore reducing the risk of a chimney fire. 

Hidden Dangers

Fire is a visible risk, but not every risk associated with a dirty chimney is visible. A silent threat that can come from this type of neglect is carbon monoxide poisoning. The buildup of creosote and other elements also creates a blockage in the chimney, which prevents the toxic gases from escaping through the chimney. 

These gases are instead transported back inside your home. Carbon monoxide is not only invisible, but it is also odorless, which means you and your family can inhale this gas without any indication. Carbon monoxide poisoning symptoms can range from a mild headache to fatality results. 

Cost Savings

A fire is attractive to look at and is a great way to stay cozy, but most importantly, burning a fire is a great way to warm a space in a low-cost way. Think of a chimney as a two-way street. In the same way that extra buildup makes it harder for the toxic gases to escape, it also makes it harder for oxygen to travel through the chimney and reach the flames. 

Without oxygen, a fire will not last as long or burn as strong. As a result, you will get very little benefit from a weak fire. Keeping your chimney clean means you will have a better burn.

If you have a chimney and you have not had it cleaned, now is the time to act. Contact a service such as A. B. Richards Professionals for assistance.