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A Wedding Dress Preservation Service

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Restore your wedding dress to the pristine condition it was in when you exchanged vows. A preservation specialist will carefully inspect your dress and use targeted cleaning strategies to eliminate stains from the fabric.

The Preservation

If you would like to have the opportunity to view your dress exactly as it was when you wore it at your wedding ceremony, you may have decided to have it preserved.

Wedding dresses are constructed of delicate fabrics that are prone to yellowing over time. Preserving a dress prevents age spots. It also targets stains and wrinkles that occurred when a dress was actively worn. 

The Exchange

If a preservation service is offered locally, secure your dress in a garment bag and drop it off at a service provider. If you do not reside near a service provider, ship your dress to a remote service provider.

A remote preservation company may offer a freight prepaid option. The service provider will mail you a box that you can use to ship your dress back to the preservation company. The service provider may offer insurance coverage that will pay for damages that are incurred while your dress is in transit.

The Inspection

The inspection of your dress will be conducted first. A service provider will check each inch of the wedding dress, determining if any of the fabric is stained. Special lighting may be used during this process, since some stains may be difficult to visually detect.

A white wine stain, for instance, may not appear on the fabric right away. If this type of liquid spill is not treated, however, the fabric may be prone to becoming discolored in the future.

Once the inspection is complete, a preservation specialist will determine which dry cleaning methods or wet cleaning methods will be needed to preserve the dress.

The Cleaning And Storage Steps

The cleaning processes will take place in a controlled environment. A chemical cleaning agent will be used to treat stains. After the dress is cleaned and dried, it will be placed inside of a vacuum-sealed pouch. This pouch will prevent oxygen from discoloring the fabric. The pouch will be packed inside of a carton.

The provider will then ship the wedding dress back to you. Once you have the dress in your possession, store it in a dark, dry room that is temperature-controlled. The dress can be stored on a shelf or on another surface that won't subject the dress to becoming damaged. 

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